Our Mistake Shapes Us – Toyin Lawani (Tiannah Empire)


Look into my Eyes,The eyes,The eyes I mean,not Around the eyes?
I don’t give 10 ffffs about Your opinions,they don’t pay the Bills??
I’m wise enough to hide my man from social media,at least if it doesn’t work out,they won’t have the pleasure to know,?people nowadays feed on other people’s sorrow,it’s only God that will help this society, so toxic, All they do is Ruin your happiness, once it’s out there, it’s A roller coaster, invasion of privacy etc, learnt that 3years Ago, Riffraffs will open mouth, even Gutter will open mouth, even Mosquitoes will open mouth join, I didn’t ask to be a celebrity, I’m sure I inspire people with my hardwork, that’s what got me here, not instagram slay Queen, I have two talented kids I’m proud of, started my business at 16 & Never looked back, my mistakes as you call it, Got me my two Beautiful talented kids, so they are Blessings, you don’t deserve to call our names, Too classy for this social Lazy alapamashishe trolls, I don’t see you all, I just see my legacy, you don’t deserve to Know how happy my king makes me, it’s my Business not yours, I show you my work that’s enough, leave my life the fuck alone, stop attaching riffraffs to me, stop messing up my good work, I’m sick of you people, have you spoken about how I train and empower physically challenged candidates?? hmmm stop looking for by force husband for me, I didn’t tell you I was searching. Focus on the good work I’m doing in the society, but you will rather promote negativity, shame on You, shame on shaming single mothers, shame on shaming hardworking moms who strive to take care of their kids, shame on you calling them Baby mamas, Who’s wish is to be that? Everyone wants an happy ending but if you don’t know what I have been through, Shut the fuck up, half of your men can’t even work half as I do, Findout more @tiannahsempirerealitytvshow its been a journey,Never be pressurized by society into doing what you know it’s not for you or what they want you to be, marriage is not for young people, you need maturity & God for your marriage to last. Even when they are slapping you up & down sit down there dey die, All in the name of I want to marry,shiooo omashe o.