Parent child love


The love of parent to their kids is just on interesting form of love that is pure with some kind of bound that is funny hard to break, though some breaks and usually when it does it’s always full of negative emotions and hatred but when the love is there, the love is there even the fun the memories they share.

Usually building that relationship may start on a rocky part sometimes, like the children not confident enough to tell their parent some certain things, they fear they might be scold or the parent disapproving their decision, all these really make the children not telling their parent what they are going through and the new kind of choice they are making, so they tell their friends more  and they seek advice from people that think like them that they know or feel will give them the kind of advice they want, the kind of possible answer they would have wanted from their parent, sometimes they get the answer that will make them make the right decision and in some case it will be a decision that will make them make a wrong decision but when the trust is there with the parent the trust is always fun and beautiful and interesting like a daughter telling her dad that she have a boyfriend and they are thinking sex, that kind of trust and bound that the child have with the parent.

Even the parent often times want to know what’s going on in the life of their kids that’s why they act protective sometimes and they try to check and snoop around their kids business just for them to know what they have been up to. How the bound and love of the parent and children is been express in movies are interesting sometimes, like the bound and love between Hank Moody in Califonication and his family is one beautiful form of parent love, a kind of love that inspires even with the kind of influence Hank was they still share that love and bound.

Often when the kids and parent disagree, somewhere within you, you still feel the love, though most times the hate at that time is usually higher than the love, they make you make some decision you never want to make, those tough decision that kill vibe, sometimes against your peer pride or what you are, they influence the decision of the children not minding how they feel, sometimes they make you make the decision they fail to make when they were in that stage as you and they don’t want you making the mistake they made, sometimes too those decision has changed at your time as theirs, the wrong decision they feel they made back then might be the right decision right now because of changing times and different influence and dreams and passion and maybe the economy, time changes yesterday and it’s a new day and a new time, it’s just about the honesty and the communication.

Most parent pride is the education they give the children, the school they send them too, that’s their responsibility that they are usually happy to give even when it’s not coming cheap, parents that can’t really afford to educate their children through school feels they fail the child somehow but some still try to instill a good lesson and training and in some situation the parent neglect the children and give them more than free will to do whatever, some kids survive and make the right decision every time and some just take advantage of that and use it to make every day bad decision.

Children really need someone to train them and show them what love is and help them build good morals and dreams, they are really the future, the fresh dream that will survive humanity, to survive humanity and to make it better is the teaching the parents owe the child and humanity itself, it’s about building a better world making it a better place.