Peter Okoye’s prayer for all Igbos



Peter Okoye has just taken to his instagram page to share an hilarious prayer about money. and sarcastically addressed the notion that “Igbo men are the best lovers of money”

This prayer is 4 all IGBOS: Dear MONEY, since all the ethnic groups in Nigeria, agree & constantly confirm that it is only the IGBOS that LOVE you so much. Please rise and visit every Igbo person struggling anywhere around the globe…visit them wit all your different clothes like DOLLARS, POUNDS, EUROS and NAIRA. You may leave out other TRIBES since they keep denying u in public .. Amen!…. If u are proudly lgbo, let me hear a thunderous Igbotic Ameeeeeen!!!. Ngwa biko bless another nwa afor’Igbo with this message.” he posted.