Photo: Lewis Hamilton dedicates new ink to his Chinese fans


British Formula One racing driver, Lewis Hamilton, has showed off inked Chinese symbols on his skin following his victory at the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai.

The Briton has grown popular in China due to his heroics on the circuit beating Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen to the shield in the Far East. Still in his happy mood, Hamilton took to his social media handle to flaunt his new ink in the local language with a caption: ‘For my Chinese fans’.

Before his victory, the 32-year-old said: ‘I have an amazing following here so there’s a lot of British flags out there and it’s a real shame there was no running.

‘Everyone drives out its long way from the city and people have travelled from all over to come out. Obviously the weather’s not great for us but they sit there patiently waiting. I did one lap in practice in P1 and then no laps in P2.

I’m just grateful that the FIA let me on the track to run across and get to the other side because I’m normally not allowed to do that.’

Lewis Hamilton did well to beat his opponents in the Grand Prix race leading the log from start to finish on wet tracks.