PHOTOS: Gold plated chair made from six AK-47 rifles


Designed by Artist, Rainier Weber, who got inspiration from a book he read about Michail Kalashnikov, this dramatic chair made up of AK-47 rifles was created simply from the combination of interests in design, technology and functionality with of course the love for furniture design.
Priced at $127,000 USD, this unique chair features genuine, formally still in service AK47 rifles, with the guns serving as the chair legs and armrests for the intimidating seat, gold plated framework and luxurious hand woven fabric from London and Venice.

Other accessories accompany the chair, including an AK47 Falcon seat in gold, an original Russian steel helmet and even a cartridge belt with original AK47 cartridges. I’m sure some of us won’t mind purchasing this to add a little piece of drama to our living rooms or study.

Check out more pictures below:
Gun plated1

Gun plated2

Gun plated3

Gun plated4

gun plated5

Gun plated6

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