Popular Playboy Adult Model calls out Neymar”Forget Rihanna,I desperately need to b*ng you”(Video)


Here’s smokin’ hot Playboy model Francia James … she has 1.4 MILLION followers on Instagram — and desperately wants to bang Neymar.

… and somehow, we think she might have a shot!!!

In fact, James was so shook when she saw that pic of the Brazilian soccer superstar hanging with Rihanna in Paris the other day … she straight up called him out on camera!!!

“He should’ve gotten with me instead of Rihanna!! C’mon Neymar!!”

Remember, Neymar was so stoked at the opportunity to hang with RiRi, he blew off a major soccer award ceremony for his teammate, Mbappe, to meet up with the singer at her fashion event.

James is one of the most desirable women on the planet herself … she’s graced magazine covers from Playboy to FHM and has a pretty solid career in adult modeling.

As for Neymar, the 27-year-old broke up with his serious girlfriend, Bruna Marquezine, last year and had been connected with bikini model and YouTube vlogger Mari Tavares in early 2019.

So, what’s his relationship status now? Unclear … but the dude is clearly in demand.

God speed, Francia …