Please help me – My aunt’s husband want to have sex with me


‘I am not in Nigeria. My mum’s distant family came to Nigeria and I was helped so they took me along but after so many processing. It was after 2yrs I was able to go. I just got here November last year. The woman is my mums distant cousin’s daughter after she got married she had delay in childbirth so when they came for Christmas like 7yrs ago my mum suggested herbs for them and she got it after like few months she got pregnant and had twins a boy and girl . but they just came to Nigeria in 2015 their baby is already 3yrs . so they told my mum that they would like to help her with anything that was when she suggested I come along. So it finally happened 2017. They re very nice here it is even her husband that bought me a phone. I already have BSc before leaving Nigeria but I was not working yet. I am going for nursing was the husband that even suggested the course that nursing pays well. My problem now is my aunty too is a nurse her husband too has good job he is IT person so sometimes he work at home but my aunty sometimes she is on night shift. Anytime I go and put the children to bed. Her husband will tell me to sit with him to watch TV and he will start asking about bf or if I have had sex I am 24 and I am not a Virgin but I don’t answer him the new one he does now is to be slapping my butt anytime. I told my mum and she just said I should be avoiding him but not tell the wife so he won’t get angry and refuse to pay for my tuition fees. My aunty just got me a job at a restaurant and he was complaining that I shouldn’t work but focus on reading but I insisted that I will take the job. Because of him I will be doing two shifts or look for more job so that I will not be alone with him but I feel bad for my aunty. She has done a lot. She send money to my mum and brother every month and she still give me pocket money here. I feel I should tell her but I don’t want to ruin their marriage and I don’t want to go back to Nigeria’



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