President Buhari broke his fast with Youth Ambassadors Tobi Bakre, Sound Sultan, Kunle Afolayan, Tania Omotayo

Not Too Young

President Buhari broke his Ramadan fast with some entertainers and Youth Ambassadors at the state house, Abuja, among those invited were BBNaija’s Tobi Bakre, Sound Sultan, Kunle Afolayan, Tania Omotayo and others.

Recall Tobi spoke to Pulse recently, about why reality stars fade away after shows like BBNaija come to an end.Kunle Afolayan

Read interview below:

On why reality stars fade away

“Some people are not out there for the social media life. Like naturally, they are not out there for that kind of life.

“So they go into the reality show for whatever reason and after the show, they sink back into their private life.

“But for some others, they want showbiz, they want to act, they want to host, they want to be out there.

“I think that’s the clear divide. They are some people that have things they want to do that need them to be out there, they need to be seen, they need to remain famous.

“But for some people, it’s more like, ‘yea, I have gotten this level of buzz and it’s okay.

“It was fun while it lasted but I’d rather have my private life.’ So I think it’s a decision thing.

“And then for some people, maybe they tried somethings to be in the showbiz world and it doesn’t go as planned.

“Because when you come out, people have like very high expectations, and if you don’t deliver, you just crawl back in.”Buhari

On what makes the Double Wahala season different from the Gobe edition

“I think the difference is that last year, everybody had a clear favourite.

“I mean they had people they loved, but then everybody kind of had a clear favourite.

“But this time around, the finalists had their own “pushers.” They had people that were like, ‘we die for these people.’

“So even when they left the house, they [fans]] take your matter so personal.

“Like people in my camp, my Tobination family, the way they take [my] matter, even [I’m] like, “it’s not that serious.’ But it’s all love. They love and believe in the housemates, so they follow through.

“It’s no more about the reality show, it’s now about, ‘mehn, we are invested in you.’

“Everyone supporting me is like friends and family. Because I know how it is.

“Last year did I vote? I didn’t vote. For you to take out your phone to vote for someone, that means you want good for the person.

“So I really appreciate everyone who is pushing and supporting.”