Abuja Base Music Producer to Sue EFCC for Wrongly Accusing And Arresting Him of Being a Yahoo Boy


Mr. Nasiru Ali aka Kozzographa, a music producer based in Abuja, has taken steps to sue the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for wrongly accusing of being a Yahoo boy.

Music producer to sue EFCC for accusing him of being a Yahoo boy

Kizzographa was among ten speculated web fraudsters strutted on May 17 by EFCC agents. His home at Favor Land Estate, Life Camp, Abuja, was raided following a tip-off by a mysterious source.

However, Kozzographa who feels he’s innocent and was wrongly accused, his requesting EFCC Acting Chairman, Ibrahim Magu, on May 31, to pay of N100 million and an open expression of remorse for capturing him wrongly.

His legal counselor, Mr. Pelumi Olajengbensi, said:

“He lost an agreement of five million nairas with United Global Resolve for Peace (UNGREP), which he had been met for and up to this point offered unequivocally because the temporary workers wound up bothered and worried by the distribution accordingly dicey of his notoriety. “He has been alienated by his partners and partners just as senior partners who more often than not allude to him for occupations before, subsequently losing their trust and reference.

“He has been besieged with a blast of calls from loved ones calling his notoriety to address while communicating their mistake and showing their expectation to cut all association with him immediately. “His association with his planned life accomplice has been unsalvageably stressed by the negative attention produced by the unlawful capture, especially the production on your media stage on the same issue.

“The production has prompted close customers taking their occupations off him and taking them to different people subsequently adding up to the incredible dimension of misfortune and at times fluctuating dimension of obligation,” Ali’s legal counselor expressed in the appeal to EFCC.