Proyten Hybrid Synchronizer by AMG Italian Energy Storage Launched in Nigeria

Proyten Team

In Nigeria, power is a major issue we all battle with, and the issue of power has been the major excuse and challenge to many start-up businesses and even homes, making many live in darkness. Technology really we’ll be grateful for, for inventing electricity and also for inventing alternative electricity and majorly for bringing Proyten to us.

We are in the photovoltaic sector for over six years, with the aim of bringing alternative energy to all the homes of the world. Initially, the company focused on exporting the product to the neediest countries such as Africa. At a later time, the company wanted to expand the product, which over time evolved, in order to share the proyten machine with the whole world. A machine able to accumulate energy by assimilating solar and wind power. The product is innovative not only for these two types of energy absorption all in one but also for its extreme versatility. In fact, the machine occupies a minimum space within any structure and has an easy-to-understand computer interface. – ProytenAlternative Energy Proyten

The machine which is designed for all class of people to meet their different need and satisfy their need for power at any time of the day, the machine which is basically designed for this environment and economy, making it affordable for everybody and recently the machine was launched in Nigeria.

The Proyten group at the Westside mall in Festac launched the machine and also talk more about the machine to the press and prospective customers.Proyten Team

The Proyten Hybrid synchronizer by AMG Italian Energy Storage is a powerful all-in-one solution for solar and wind energy converter altogether, with a storage system, delivering a clean true sine wave output power. The built-in intelligent charger automatically charges the Lithium type of batteries. The compact design makes solar and wind energy interactive installations easier and more cost-effective. It is a high-quality product that offers the best price-performance ratio in the industry.Proyten Team