I Regretted My Last Relationship !! Part 3


Despite I felt a lot of pains, this experience was really a revelation of who God is to me. When the room didn’t lead me out of the house, I thought the only thing left for me was death. But I was wrong, the room led to my deliverance. Most of the time, we always think God will save us from a rout, but his ways are different.
As I was crying and trying to move out of this room to face my fate. I felt a hand pulled me back, I was half dead, I thought probably, someone was in the room I didn’t notice, but when I turned back, I didn’t see anyone. Instead, I noticed a big double door wardrobe in this room, it was as if I was blind before, I went straight away to this wardrobe, as if a hand is still pulling me along, I opened it. This wardrobe has three compartments. The top was full of different types of guns and handsets. The middle was filled with clothes, while the down part has different kinds of shoes and bags. Immediately I sighted my phone and my bag. I was shaking at this discovery. “God is the greatest. No one can beat God”
Quickly I decided to pick my phone and switch it on, I was surprised that it was still intact, I sent text message to my aunt immediately, informing her that I have been trapped and almost killed in Fred’s house, that I discovered Fred is a cultist, and that all she needs to do as early as she get the message is to go and get the police informed immediately and come to my rescue. I also added that I stole my phone to send the message and that she may not be able to reach me again. Immediately I sent it, she replied with ah! Ah ah! The God that I serve will rescue you. Just be calm. I am in the church for women vigil. All will be well! I sent her another message telling her not to send any message again, that I will be waiting for her. I quickly deleted all the messages, switched off the phone, replaced it there. Immediately I closed the wardrobe, the wardrobe disappeared into the wall, I was shaking greatly at this revelation. I now knew it, that it was not visible when I first entered the room. An angel took me there for my deliverance and quickly I moved back to my prison. They were still there dancing, drinking, and having fun in the dancing room. No one took note of me.
But something happened to me when I got back to the room I was put. I was not afraid again. The revelation I saw earlier made me very bold. I knew and was so sure that God will save me. I became so calm. I was waiting for God to finish what he started.



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