Reno Omokri – Cee-C is even Better than Buhari

Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri has reacted to the trending controversies that have rocked the Nigerian media these past few days.

“Cee-C is even better than Buhari. At least after insulting Tobi, she realized her error and apologized. Rather than apologize after calling Nigerian youths lazy, Buhari justifies it. If Cee-C is worthy of eviction, Buhari is thrice as worthy and should be evicted from Aso Rock!” – Reno Omokri

While comparing the behaviour of Big Brother Naija’s 2018 housemate CeeC to that of the goof made by Nigerian President – Buhari at the Commonwealth Conference (Where he tagged Nigerian Youths as Lazy), Reno said that CeeC is a better person than Buhari.

He added that Ceec realized her error and apologized, but President Buhari didn’t apologize, opting to justify his statement.