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Wavy the Creator
Wavy the Creator. Photography by Prince Fara-Farai Awindor

When you think of creativity i can bet a lot of things will run through your mind, especially in this age where everything is really possible, all you just have to do is think and strive, just listen to your passion and follow your dreams, they usually know the way and voila, you’re there, but not that easy i bet you, the road to the dreamland, you don’t even want to imagine.

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So i know Wavy the Creator and i love her instagram page. Yes i’m a die hard fan of Lana Del Rel and one of the many things i love about her is her videos, her lyrics i recite even in my dream but her videos and photos i always love because it’s not the regular kind of video you see on the mainstream, just like when American Oxygen came out that year by Rihanna and i was wishing for someone to sing something as nice as that, at that time for our beloved country Nigeria. So i was searching for someone that’ll constantly blow my mind away and then i discover Wavy and i must say, she’s a whole lot in one, guess it’s safe to say she’s super because you’ll want to find out about her and her craft.

She’s from a different planet, not the one you’re familiar with because her craft and how she think is different from how the everyday human mind think, her sense of style and her music, you’ll enjoy how it sip into your consciousness, her vibe and her energy, you’ll enjoy as they possess you in and out.

In the beginning there was a wave and it was wavy – Wavy the Creator

So let’s go back in time with her music, her vibe of how it was from the beginning, the visions we had when we were young and now she’s bringing to life, the old times in the recent world of freedom and a wavy creativity making us not to miss DRB that much, but falling in love more with retro and vintage and the raw charm of freedom and creativity and living, the art of it.

ft money ?. link in bio

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Guess Wednesday came early, and she’s the crush before it’s Wednesday, she’s got that High hold on people, In and Out she’ll make you watch and listen, your attention you’ll willing give to her.

Wavy the Creator will take you out of your mind, out of your consciousness to want to see a different image and idea of how it can be.

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