Roman Goddess Shows Off Her Gigantic Behind In New Photo,Nigerians Attack

Roman Goddess puts her gigantic behind on display in new eye-popping photo.?

The Instagram star,Roman Goddess took to her page to share this eye-popping photo of herself with her gigantic behind on display and she has since suffered very heavy backlash in this regard,and here are some….

Manuel Kunmi :Does she do anything else?

Juliet Iwuno :Good for her! Mum Jay take note!

Anonymous :Nothing o!…… Offing clothes and posting nasty pictures on Instagram is her day job.


Bright Bello :Where is the leg to carry this body?

Collins :you look disfigured what kind of ass is this?

lyrics love :Dirty disfigured low life stupid bitch

Anonymous:Omo you dey vex o. All these names you call her are for what reason? I you know before? Guy learn to be respectful.

emeka :😁😁😂😂🤣🤣🤣

Kelvin smith :Mitcheew

Anonymous :The arse looks fucked up. She needs to lay off the pounded yam

gloria madu: Looking disfigured

Deeboi :Na yansh be dis abi balloon?… dee

SAINT TYNII :Abnormal looking ass …disgusting

Offor Stella :Omo see auntie auntie see auntie auntie auntie way MuMu oya dobio dobio dobio dobio dobio dobio dobio dobio dobio dobio dobio dobio

Ben Bay :enouqh of all these jhorr! she should display somethinq else, somethinq that would still be worth displayinq 10 years from now, cos all these ass and boob display of hers are temporary..

Abraham O :Not nice to behold.