Saturday Night at Zizi’s Sport Bar with The Black Root Band

Zizi's Bar

If you’ve never been to Lagos, you’ll hear gist of how fun the town is, the groove and how lively the city is, and in this city Lagos, is Festac, a town that was created in the 70s, 1977 to be precise, that’s where Zizi’s Sport bar is located and that’s where we spent the last day of June with The Black Root Band and it was fun.

The sport bar under a new management with new activities to thrill customers have different activities for different days and last Saturday of June was one interesting night that took us back to the root with the live band that thrilled us with sounds of Afro beat and the contemporary songs that we enjoy listening to these days.The Black Root Band

Variety of drinks and good meal to enjoy the open view of Festac town from the top of the bar with, as we move to the rhythm of the live band and just like their name suggest, the vibe they pitch with their songs and dance move is everything we love as a Nigerian.Sport Bar

This is Lagos, Festac a place of fun and the city that never sleep, even day time the people of this town have fun because that’s the vibe of the city. Zizi’s Sport Bar is not just a night time place, it’s a place to hangout and chill even at break time during work hours, a place to come relax, to refresh your head with a different view of the city, good music as sountrack to the time spent there.

You’ll have to pay there a visit to understand the vibe of the bar.Festac Town

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