Scared of death: Bobrisky remove wig, eyelashes, & nails when he had Jesus is coming


Bobrisky has indirectly acknowledged that she will stand in judgment the day Jesus comes.

For once, social media users have seen the fear in Bobrisky over the name Jesus after making a post on social media quizzing fans for a tip-off on when Jesus will return to the earth.

The controversial crossdresser revealed that she has been informed that Jesus will soon return and knowing when Jesus will come will help him be in a good position to obtain mercy.

Bobrisky indicated that she quickly throw away all the material things on his body the moment he is abreast of information on the coming of Jesus Christ.

Bobrisky wrote;

”I was told Jesus is coming soon….. can someone tell me when so I can quickly remove my wig, eyelashes and nails”

Fellow cross-dresser, James Brown stormed the comment section to write;

“Na so I hear am”

Check out the screenshot below:


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