“Having sex with producers to get movie roles is not a big deal,” says actress Success Asibor


Fast-rising Nollywood actress and movie producer, Success Asibor who started acting professionally fours years ago, in a recent chat with Saturday Sun, she averred that it is not out of place for one to have sex with a movie producer so as to get a role.

Success has featured in movies like “When Dreams Fall Apart”, “In the Greek”, “Triggered” and many more,

Read excerpt of the interview below:

How did your acting career start?

I have always had passion for acting ever since I was very small. I remember vividly when I was like five years old, I would stay in front of the television in the house to watch movies, then later I will start acting the same way I watched it for my mummy. Then I used to admire Regina Askia, Liz Benzon and all. I started acting from secondary school but my father said it’s over his dead body that I will act. I would go for auditioning and he will flog me. After secondary school, I stopped attending auditioning and concentrated on my education. When I got admitted to Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma, Edo State, in year two, my immediate elder sister bought me a form to attend a movie audition. I told her ‘I’m scared, will you go with me?’ And she agreed to go with me. That sameday, I was auditioned and chosen. That was how I started acting in Edo State.

But my journey into the movie industry will not be complete if refuse to mention how I came across Chico Ejiro, Zeb Ejiro, Emmanuel Okukuwa and some other directors and artists. They saw me acting and were like, ‘wow, so you know how to act. You are also a good girl, the next time I have a movie to shoot, I will call you’ That was how I came down to Lagos to act with Uche Jombo on Chico Ejiro’s production.

What’s the title of the movie? 

It’s a movie titled  “When Dreams Fall Apart.”

Who do you look up to in the movie industry?

I want to be like Omotola Jalade.

Why her? 

I love her simplicity, and her real nature of interpreting roles. She’s very natural, she’s herself. When you watch her movies, you will notice that she doesn’t over act.  Movie is actually make believe and she always gives her acting that make believe touch.

Do you look forward to working with her? 

Definitely! I can’t wait to work with her. Although, we have both featured in the same movie, the day she came on set was the day I was leaving. But I was with her in the car for a while.

Like how many movies have featured in? 

I don’t have the number off hand but I could remember some titles like When Dreams Fall Apart, Made on Mission, Desperate Bankers, Shattered Dream, Evil in Me, Triggered, which was produced by me and lots more.

Considering the nature of your job, do you‎ think you would be able to stay long in the industry? 

Sure, I will stay long in the movie industry. I’m not in it because everybody is there, I’m here because of my passion for acting, this is me and all I love to do.  As the saying goes, ‘nothing good comes easy’. If I am not on set for two weeks, I’ll feel I’m not where I’m supposed to be. I love it when I am on set.

Has any producer told you that if I don’t have sex with you, I won’t give you role?

Yes, several times and I don’t see it as a big deal. It happens in other industries too. There’s always sexual harassment in other sectors; you see lecturers asking their students for sex before they can pass them. Even some bosses in corporate organisations ask their subordinates for sex before they can be promoted. But the ability to make you stand out, makes you who you are. I can’t say because I’m not picked for a role, I will now go and sleep with the producer or director. Never! That’s not me.