Shakarasquare Saturday tale – PART III


CRYING-AFRICAN-AMERICA-938x535“Nne i want you for a wife”,Ebuka pleaded.

“But you are way too old for me”,I replied.

However in my heart,i knew i was going to say YES to Ebuka.

Out of fondness for him or gratitude…i don’t know.

But i really really wanted to attend a higher institution.

I didn’t know what to do and there was no one to counsel me, so i had to make a CHOICE.

Sleep eluded me,my heart kept pounding all through the night.

My mind kept chanting ‘Marry Ebuka, Don’t marry Ebuka’.

It was a major struggle for me that night….and a life changing decision.

I said yes to Ebuka a week later and a new pattern was mapped out for me in life.

To cut the long story short, i got married to Ebuka with my kinsmen so happy to have me off their neck.

I am presently in my 300level in school, studying Accounting.

Life feels good and i was happy and fulfilled untill one afternoon.

It was really a sunny day and the wind was all up in my face blowing my hair in different directions.

“I would have secured these stubborn tendrils with a band” i thought to my self and a voice echoed beside me”you would have secured your hair with a band”!

I was speechless.

Who could this be that just said my thoughts out?

Standing beside me was a handsome dark skinned young man.

He said hello and i ignored him even when my heart was beating that i thought he could hear!

The young man didn’t chase me like other guys on campus would.

He just walked away.

A week passed and i didn’t see him neither did i hear from him and deep in my heart i knew i had a crush on that guy.

Well,his name is Emeka and we are so in love with each other….we have actually started dating!

I know you are wondering how we met again and all but let’s scratch that alright?

Am i a wicked person? i might agree with you.

Is what am doing to Ebuka wrong? i totally agree that it is wrong.

Does Emeka know about Ebuka? Definitely.

The problem is Emeka loves me so much and i love him too but i don’t love Ebuka and i feel i have a right to happiness after all that has happened to me.

I want to divorce Ebuka because Emeka’s parents now pay my fees but they don’t know about Ebuka YET!.

But how do i tell Ebuka this sad tale without coming out as a wicked person?

It kills me each time i am with Ebuka….I don’t want to hurt this good man who has been so kind to me..yet my heart belongs to Emeka who has been understanding and is waiting patiently for me to tell Ebuka.

What do i do?