Shocking story of how a man caught his wife sleeping with his friend and 5 other men at the same time


Popular Nigerian host and comedian Chief Obi has dropped another shocking story in a new episode of his viral ‘Keeping A Secret With Chief Obi’ Instagram Live sessions. In this episode, A lady called in to share the experience of a male friend who is married and just made a new acquaintance that invited him over for a boys hangout.

On getting to his new friend’s house, the married man met about 5 guys in the flat and a lady was upstairs in the room waiting for any of the men to sleep with her -Turns out that his new friend had a live-in girlfriend who has agreed to sleep with other male occupants in the apartment.

As per newbie, the married man was invited to sleep with the lady but he turned the offer down saying he is married and committed to his wife. Long story short, the lady steps out of the room and it turns out that she is the wife of the married man all along.

Have a full grasp of the story below ( From time stamp 2:43):