Should I continue this relationship or quit?


I started a relationship with a lady in March this year and it’s been going on well though she works in Lagos while I’m in the eastern part of the country.

When we were at the introductory part of the relationship, I asked about her family and she told me they are separated.

I asked what’s the reason for the separation and she said it’s due to irreconcilable differences and they separated when she was a toddler that it’s her dad that raised her up tho she keeps contact occasionally with her mum.

She stays with her aunts in Lagos. I asked if she asked both parents to know why and she said she only asked her dad and he said he doesn’t want her mum to be working class and she insisted to be One that he wants her to be a stay at home wife.

I asked if she heard from her mum and she said no. She also said her aunts said same thing her dad said.

The reason really didn’t go down well with me as it’s too flimsy and I’ve told her to ask her mum and she keeps procrastinating or giving one excuse or the other.

It beats my imagination how a grown-up adult can’t know with conviction why her parents separated or I guess the truth is being hidden.

I’m bringing this up here because my brother married from a separated home and it was war before my parents gave consent.

If she can’t give me a concrete reason why the parents broke up which I’ll present before my parents, I really don’t know how the relationship can move forward because we detest divorce in our family.


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