Simi on how to succeed in Nigeria’s music industry


Singer, Simi, is also well known in the Nigerian music industry, her music style is basically hinged in the rhythm and blues, soul, Afro-pop and hip-hop music genres

The newlywed understands the major rudiments in music creation; she writes, produces, mixes and masters songs.

The versatile act has dished out some guidelines on how to succeed in the music industry based on her journey in the industry.

Find the tips below;

1. Don’t be so dependent on your talent
Yeah, talent is nice, and it’s important to know how to sing. But, being honest with you, this is Nigeria, where some of the biggest artists are not the best singers. She’s not saying you don’t need your talent, she’s saying you need more, a lot more, than just talent. Work hard, work smart.

2. You need to have a great work ethic
You might think this only applies to working at a bank or in an office space, but it’s just as important in the music industry. Respect people, do things at the right time and hold intelligent conversations with as many people as you meet.

3. Don’t take no for an answer
Know exactly what you want and go for it. This means you have to learn how to work smart. Hard work is great, but smart work is greater. Never settle for less. You need to understand your worth and work based on that.

4. Don’t follow trends
Trends will always pass. there’s always a new trend, and keeping up with it becomes difficult. As a matter of fact, following trends is like setting a trap for yourself. Musicians who follow trends usually pass with the trend. You don’t want to be that kind of artiste, at least not in this country.

5. Passion comes before talent
Talent is important, but passion is more important. Talent is 10%, passion is 90%, and the Nigerian music industry is a vivid example of this. The rest is self-explanatory.

6. If you’re creative, you’re creative
Never stop being creative. Explore your abilities to your full potential. Practice makes perfect. This might sound cliche, but it’s straight facts. No one is perfect at anything, but with practice, you will become a guru at it.

7. Giving up is never an option
Her life is proof that dreams do come true. The worst part about giving up is that you never actually know your life could become, and you don’t want to not know. If you really believe in your passion, never settle.

It is key to know Simi has won more than ten awards in her flourishing career; the awards include songwriter of the year, best recording of the year, album of the year, R&B single of the year, just to mention a few.

Simi started out singing and dancing in her early teens as a member of the teenage church choir, she wrote her very first song at the age of 10, she delved into music professionally in 2008 and was formerly signed to X3M Music.


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