I sincerely think I need a break


‘I got married when I was 20, I have 4 kids. It was never my wish to get married to him, he kept coming despite my refusal… I couldn’t withstand the family pressure cos no one saw reasons with me, probably cos I was young. Now this man is cheating on me and he’s the only one I’ve known all my Life… I’m so hurt and pained as I’m typing this. The worst is that I’ve been managing since we’ve been together, his Job is not stable and I’ve been looking for job…it hasn’t been easy with me, sometimes my children will miss a whole term cos of money and a whole lot… I ve been praying and hoping for better days but… now this “cheating” he doesn’t even sleep in the bedroom anymore but in the sitting room chatting all night I’m so pained right now, I just checked my BP it’s high, they said I need some rest, I sincerely think I need a break, just that I’m financially handicapped. I want to live and take care of my children they’ve  really suffered…Please help a sister, I want to start up a business but no money to do that… please help me and God will bless you. Thanks.’



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