Singer, Shopé releases new single, ‘Pepper Dem’

shope 3

Nigerian-Canadian singer and songwriter, Shopé offers a new single, ‘Pepper Dem,’ that shows the singer melding R&B with Nigerian-specific lingo. ‘Pepper Dem,’ featuring Angeloh, is the first single from RIKIKI, his forthcoming extended play due to arrive on October 2.

shope 2

I’m at a place where I’m very confident in who I am, no matter how others might feel about it and it has taken me quite a long time to get here,” Shopé says. “I decided to apply that confidence to a love story because I know real, unconditional love is extremely hard to find. But when you know, you know!

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With over four millions streams across platforms and a number of co-signs, Shopé is in the process of establishing himself as one of the leading lights of afrofusion, combining Nigerian and Canadian (Toronto) influences to good effect on his music.

Born and raised in Nigeria before moving to Toronto at age 11, Shopé’s upcoming project is his contribution to bridging the gap between the motherland and the diaspora in unprecedented fashion.

Play the song below;