Six ways to make a guy confess his feelings


Six Simple Steps on How To Make A Guy Confess His Feelings:

1. Respond to His Body Language

Pay very close attention to his body language. Without him realizing it, he’s telling you how he feels with how he’s acting. If his body language is continuously positioned in a way that is inviting and approachable towards you, then that’s a good sign. That might be all you need to work with.

2. Express Your Gratitude

One great way of getting him to lower his guard is to express your gratitude. You always want him to feel as if you are appreciative of the things that he does for you. This way, it makes him feel good about himself as well.

3. Have Fun with One Another

Always try to find ways to have fun with one another. This way, he’s going to start associating the idea of fun with being with you. When this happens, he’s going to grow more and more comfortable towards you. And with that comfort, he’s going to develop a sense of vulnerability as well.

4. Express Your Interest in Things He Cares About

Another great way of getting him to be more comfortable around you is to express interest in the things he’s interested in. It’s so easy to get a guy to open up about things that he’s passionate about. Use that to your advantage.

5. Don’t Let Your Assumptions Get the Best Of You

Sure, it’s okay for you to hope that he has certain feelings for you. However, it’s crucial that you not let these hopes turn into assumptions. You don’t want to come out looking as if you’re very stuck up and self-obsessed.

6. Just Be Direct

You can only wait for so long. If it gets to the point wherein you can’t wait any longer, just be direct with him. Ask him if he likes you or has feelings for you. The worst-case scenario is that he doesn’t. If that’s the case, then at least you will know not to waste your time with this guy anymore.





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