Soldiers allegedly harass people in Akowonjo area of Lagos (photos)


A Facebook user recently called the attention of to a case of alleged armed forces brutality currently ongoing in the Akowonjo area of Lagos state.

The man identified as Olalekan Yusuf in an eyewitness report said that, soldiers from the Shasha Airforce Base have been on the streets since Saturday, February 16, allegedly harassing and beating up people in the community. He narrated in his report that the soldiers had been stationed on the street after one of the residents of the area required their attention to monitor the reparation of a pot hole at Shasha, Oguntade. According to the witness, the soldiers while carrying out their duty had taken the opportunity to harass passersby. However, a particular man who was alleged to be a member of the OPC had revolted against the abuse from the military officials which had in turn resulted into a fight. Pictures of soldiers in Akowonjo area of Lagos. Photo source: UGC/ Olalekan Yusuf Source:

UGC READ ALSO: Army sets up 5 military courts to try erring soldiers found guilty of human right abuse The witness narrated further that the men of the armed forces had gone ahead to pick up the member of the OPC who had fought against their intimidation. The incident had since then created tension and an atmosphere of fear as the people in the community are scared to move around freely. PAY ATTENTION: Read best news on Nigeria’s #1 news app He said: “There was a pot-hole at Shasha Oguntade that was repaired by one new hotel owner at Coker estate; during the repaired the man went to meet the air commander to station his soldiers there to monitor it… The soldiers were stationed there and not everyone passing by lives in Oguntade community and some people were walking at the side of the road to get things to eat and other stuffs but this soldier started using the opportunity to harass people, beating people up for no reason. Then there was another man that passed through the side and I think the man is an OPC member so they wanted to punish the man as they had done to others but he refused and went in an argument with them that led to a fight between the OPC guy and the Soldiers. They later went to pick the guy up around a place at Bammeke to arrest him. Ever since them we can’t move freely. We cannot go out to buy things because of their intimidation beating people up both male and female since Saturday morning till now. They are still there please we need help.” Read more: