Speed Darlington narrates how he paid 200k bribe to Nigerian police

Speed Darlington

Any conversation around Nigerian musician Speed Darlington usually has multiple plot twists and hilarious drama.

The Europe-based artiste on Tuesday shared a video narrating his painful ordeals all through the day, the highlight of it all was how he claims the Nigerian police extorted a huge sum of money as ‘fine’.

According to Speed Darlington, he was “heading to Computer Village to repair his shattered iPhone screen when some police officers pulled us over”.

As the officers of the law began searching his bag, they found “loud” (i.e Marijuana); Darlington then says the officers threatened to arrest him.

In the heat of the moment, he then asked “What do you want?” which led to an answer that eventually left him almost bankrupt. The police officers, as heard in his video, requested for half a million naira as fine.

After negotiations, they reached common ground and he allegedly ended up paying a sum of “two hundred thousand naira (200,000)”.

As though that was not enough hassle for one day, another video that has gone viral shows, Speed Darlington, struggling to get back his luggage from a bike man whom he allegedly didn’t pay for transporting him to his destination.

Neither the Police nor Speed Darlington has issued statements regarding the aforementioned, respectively.



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