Story of a Boy who Dated Two Cousins but they Found Out Later


Earlier on, reported the news of how a young lady caught her boyfriend cheating on her with another girl, her cousin. She went on to reveal that she became friends with the girl in question. The post which was shared on Twitter, garnered several reactions with many people sharing experiences of their own. One of which is a lady identified as Ukung Alawa who revealed how a man was asking her and a cousins of hers, at the same time.

She wrote: “A man was asking my cousin and I out at the same time, our names are the same except the surnames, he would send me a message on WhatsApp and send her the exact message. He would share a joke with me and share it with her same time. Everything he told me, he told her” 

She went on to reveal that after he was confronted, he admitted to being aware of the fact that he knew they were cousins. In his defence, he stated that he loved them both and planned on marrying her cousin and having a child with her (Ukung) since her cousin didn’t want kids.Alawa Ukung

“Then my cousin and I started living together, she went through my phone and saw a picture poem he had written me, she had it too because he had obviously sent to her, after plenty hosting and reading up msgs, we got to know the truth. I blocked him, my cousin did as well.

After many months we met at an event and he tried to famz, I told him off and asked why my cousin of all people, he admitted that he knew we were cousins, and that he loved us both, and that he wanted to marry my cousin and she said she didn’t want kids..So he wanted to have a kid with me while being married to my cousin. And he knew that my cousin would forgive us since her family was involved. In all he said we should blame my cousin that she was the one who caused it all. I’ve not recovered sha”