“Strength in numbers” does not apply to the deep things of life…,” Veteran actor RMD writes


Veteran Nollywood actor, Richard Mofe Damijo, popularly known as RMD went on Instagram to pen down challenging words for those young ones who see him as mentor.

The father of five and former Commissioner for Culture and Tourism in Delta State, among other things, is a role model to many up and coming acts who acknowledge his fatherly role in the Nigeria movie industry.

Read below his note:

“I have come to realise that sometimes it’s not just my willingness to be “father” that matters, it’s whether you genuinely want to be sons/daughters to me because that comes with certain responsibilities. You must be willing to not only learn, but more importantly to unlearn. You must unlearn habits, lifestyles, thoughts and processes that might be unnecessary for growth.

If at the end of 2017 I have only one serious minded person as son/daughter I will be happy because “strength in numbers” does not apply to the deep things of life, so, to you, my interns to be and those I will be adopting this year and beyond, do not question or doubt my commitment because this work chose me and by God’s grace I will continue to sow seeds in the lives of a few people, positive that at least one will bear good fruit. I have also seen the harvests of the past so nothing will stop me now. I cannot end this chapter without referencing Psalm 23: 5 and Luke 12: 48(MSG). My head being anointed with oil and my cup running over is not only a blessing, it is a responsibility. You receive to give.

The mentor/mentee relationship is a “give and give relationship” and the best way to give to your mentor is to give that which you have received to others and widen the pool of knowledge and wisdom. If you’re ready to learn, grow and share, I look forward to developing a relationship with you but if you’re here for the “jollof rice”, thank you for your honesty but be patient the caterers will get to you at some point, -hopefully- LOL.

THE END… or like my son @ogusbaba will say “I don go”.

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