Stunning facts about men with small genitals


Small penis size is not the favorite topic of discussion especially for those men who got it. Is it so bad, really? Can you say something good about the small size? Well, these facts are stunners!

1. Penis size does not affect fertility

Even a small gun can shoot high and long if it is loaded properly. So, regardless of the size the man can still perform well and get you impregnated.

2. Small size, big love

Great sex for a woman is not what it is for a man. And a guy with smaller size male organ can learn amazing tips to make you go crazy having sex with him. That is usually the case, as the owners of King size organs think they got it all. So, they do not bother over learning any tips or tricks. They just use what they got.
Guys with small size manhood are more open for experiments, using sex toys, electro- stimulation etc. So, you can get a lot accomplished concerning your sex fantasies.

3. No pain, only gain!

Yes, you may not get as many sensations as with a larger penis, but let’s be honest, not all of them are pleasant! Sex with the guys with large manhood can be painful, especially if they have no clue of how to use it well. In this case, no pain is to be felt and no need to be having that “duck” walk the next day after sex.

4. It is, what it is

There are many “remedies” or “treatments” that promise to make a small penis bigger. The truth must be told: they do not work. There is no wonder pill to work magic there. However, the man and the woman together can work that magic in sex. All they need is to accept each other and learn some techniques to attain highest levels of pleasure in making love!
As you see, a small penis is not a bad thing after all. If you got a smart and loving man with it, deem yourself to be very lucky!

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