Surprising five facts about women and money every single or married man should know

1) The average woman isn’t looking for a billionaire Husband, she’s just looking for a Man who can assure her of a comfortable life. That’s all
So don’t think you must earn Millions first, have a car, and all that, No.
Relax your mind,
As long as you are earning enough to offer her a comfortable life and she loves you, please go ahead and propose, she will accept, stop wanting to make millions or as we say “to blow” first and keeping her waiting.
2) Every Woman WANTS and NEEDS her Husband’s money,
No matter how much she earns, Her husband’s Money gives her a different feeling from the Money she earned herself…
Even if your Wife makes money that is enough for her, still give her money and buy her gifts from the money you make.
3) To the financial security and satisfaction you can give your wife is tied a percentage of
Her Love
Her Respect
Her Loyalty
Her Submission.
As Christians, We love, Respect and Submit to God first and foremost because he is God.
But all that Respect/Submission increases more when he provides and meets our needs.
Every Wife has a different kind of Respect reserved for a Husband that meets her needs financially.
4) A Woman’s Money should not be in her Husband’s eye such that a Man will be fighting his wife to hand over her salary to him to spend as he dims fit on whatever he sees fit (whether he is gainfully employed or jobless), such is uncalled for. In fact, such is gross irresponsibility.
5) Don’t Marry a Woman your Money cannot maintain, and when I say your money I mean the one you have NOW, not the one you will have next Ten years.
And by maintain, I mean take care of, in the simplest and cheapest of ways.
Marry your Size.
It’ll save you unnecessary Pressure and save you many costs.
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