Testimony of a Water Drinking Woman and the Effect it had on her Skin

Water Woman
But one thing I’ve been told over and over again is that I don’t drink enough water.
During my checkups, my doctors would tell me the horrible migraines that left me incapacitated for days might have to do with dehydration. My derm said that my acne would likely improve if I drank more water. And every aesthetician I’ve ever been to would tsk-tsk when I told them how little water I imbibed on a daily basis. Water, it seemed, was the answer to all of my problems.
Chugging multiple glasses daily is said to be the secret to a glowing complexion even though the science is still out on whether all this H2O is actually hydrating us from the inside out.
Drinking that much water was also a lesson in sipping. If I drank too fast, I’d feel sick to my stomach. If I drank too slowly, I wouldn’t get through the gallon by the end of the day. And while my body finally adjusted and my bathroom breaks decreased, I was still in the restroom as often as some of the pregnant women in the office. There were some days when I’d get into bed, realize that I still had some water left in my jug, and make a silent deal with whoever would listen.
That said, I was seeing some positive changes in my skin and in other parts of my life. I also had a major glow so much so that I stopped wearing foundation and luminizer, and used only concealer. And while I’m not sure the water had anything to do with it, my hair felt softer and looked a touch shinier.
I was also totally shocked by the amount of energy I had. I’d leap out of bed every morning when my alarm went off, I didn’t feel the need to snack as often, my sugar cravings practically disappeared, and I didn’t get a single migraine while drinking all of this water. The best part, though? No hangovers.

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