The Full interview where Tonto Dike talked to Daddy Freeze about her Ex

Tonto Dike
Tonto Dike in an interview with Daddy Freeze

In an interview with radio presenter, Daddy Freeze, Nollywood actress Tonto Dike said shocking things about her marriage to ex-husband Olakunle Churchill.

Tonto Dikeh said: “This is the thing most of our actresses go through but nobody says anything. We get so lonely and when we need somebody to hold onto, we get into the wrong hands. Half of us have married ‘Yahoo’ boys. “Most of them are just walking away because it is too shameful for them but I am shameless; I will talk because I don’t have any shame in my life. I don’t because if this man is arrested tomorrow, they will link him to me because I was once married to him.”

…I had been suspecting that he was into Yahoo…before I even came back to Nigeria I had already begun to suspect but the only thing that made me confirm was the night that he wasn’t supposed to be home and I slept early because of my son.

And I heard some noise in his room because he’s in the penthouse and my room is under. …I opened up this room, I saw a full-grown man wearing a red cloth in his waist with red candles everywhere around him with a laptop in his hands.