Thrills of Saturday

Saturday Feel

Saturday is the official day for waking up late, nobody will really question you why you’re still in bed till that late time because they’ll understand maybe the sex was that good or the club and the night life was that interesting that you slept late, so it’s allowed to wake up late on Saturdays.

So if you are just waking up like the millions of other people like you, welcome to Saturday and it thrills, can bet many will be suffering from hangover and not enough sleep, hunger might be the reason why some people woke up, so eat and go back to sleep, it’s allowed to be lazy on this day, stay all day in bed, with your lover, it’s allowed, watch beautiful interesting romantic movie even, make it fun, it’s also a day to show love and to try new things indoor.

Thank God for science and it’s many breakthrough over the years, but some breakthrough we still hope and wish they can just come up with because it’s always not a pleasant feeling when you wake up with hangover, please science researchers do something, let 2018 be that year we will celebrate forever, because the thought of hangover ruin Friday night, you’ll have to mix your drink losing the original taste, or have to eat water base fruit to keep you hydrated, too much task when the fun is fun.

So today Saturday live the life and be free, no stress just relax, it’s ok to be lazy today, it’s ok not to want to do anything today but to make 2018 more productive no time to be lazy, work harder and play hard, have fun hard to help you relax and it’s ok to be a little stupid too, you should be acquainted with that side of you.