Titty’s World Fun Fair, It Was Fun!

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Titty's World

This season, you’ll love family and its get together, the essence of family and the happiness of children you’ll love this season, especially when you take them out to a place of fun where they’ll feel love and mix with other kids in the atmosphere of fun and good music and beautiful toys to play with, even the gifting of Santa Clause, Father Christmas like we call him here.

Titty's WorldTitty’s World celebrating kids and giving them a reason to have fun every time, she’s got a beautiful heart for kids and she always have a way of making them have fun every time, her beautiful ideas will make you want to be a kid again, the atmosphere and the fun, the MC and the bouncing around, the swimming and the games.

Titty's WorldThe kids hangout, organized by Titty’s world which is a 5day celebration of making kids and their parent have fun during this season, the one place to feel the joy of the season as parent have fun too, winning gift for their kids and dancing, showing their children how to do it the adult way.

Titty's World
Titi and the Face Painting Artiste

In this place you’ll lost track of time and not wanting to go home, remember that 2baba lyrics where he said “This kind party no dey endi oo, this kind party dey must to purshu you oo” that lyrics best describe Titty’s World children party, because you’ll have fun and you won’t want to leave, especially your kids.

Let’s make our kids have fun during holidays, let’s make them enjoy Titty’s World treat.

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