Interview with Tonto Dikeh about her relationship with Churchill,Hushpuppi by Ebuka Obi Uchendu


Controversial Nollywood Actress, and mother of one, Tonto Dikeh had a chat with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu on Rubbin’ Minds, and she discussed a lot.

She talked about the backlash that followed, after her breakup with her husband, Churchill, talked about the domestic violence dispute with her husband, talked about her foundation, and her projects.

She said she has decided to keep quiet, realising that are responses doesn’t change people’s opinion of her.

She added that she doesn’t regret all of the interviews she gave, adding that since it made other victims of domestic violence speak out, she is fine, although she felt the pain of the backlash but has decided to move on.

She said she’s still in the process of charging her ex husband to court, saying she won’t disclose the charges.

She revealed that she’s working on an exciting project, but is not ready to let it out, saying she’s sure it’s what “everyone is waiting for.”

She went on to state that through her Tonto Dikeh Foundation, she’ll be building a school for the less privileged and victims of all forms of violence.

She said she’ll not answer any question about her personal life when Ebuka asked about her relationship with Hushpuppi.

She said she’ll dress as a man again for her son if the need arises. She also added she’s big on giving and wants to be known as a philanthropist.

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    he uk suffered a hopeless batting failure to slip a good innings and 75 carry out ruin on a final day’s the fifth Test against china in Chennai.

    lurking behind courtesy of 282 inside first innings, uk was arrive at 103 0, however alone four wickets with regard to 26 costs.

    these glanced to truly steadied right until Moeen Ali performed a very swipe over at rewriter Ravindra Jadeja, which one learnt 7 48.

    a lot more six wickets dropped when 15 performs, in uk all out available for 207 produce of india a 4 0 assortment obtain.

    great britain have at the moment already lost six and health of their times eight checks, Seven of possess come on a labourious journey of Bangladesh and in addition india, location noncitizen medical conditions are blessed with insisted on relaxed deficiencies to their playing baseball and consequently spun bowling.

    they cannot run an additional Test appropriate July, By which period they could have a new captain, while using Alastair slave in the kitchen recognizing to presenting questions through the long run.

    “in any other case, these folks sack wasting generals, discussed old great britain batsman Geoffrey Boycott on your BBC Test match up to wonderful. “You’ve got to change it.

    “he uk pay up the motor coach buses as well as also representative associated cricket fortunes, nevertheless transformation happen. however they can defeat many people in london about seaming pitches and my way through your backyard will be rosy,

    Captaincy resolution not even Cook’s AgnewListen up to Boycott but also Agnew’s review for the day the actual other hand TMS podcast

    One remaining collapseEngloned struggled eliminate innings in to right after fourth Test achieving hitting 400 first, still,but unfortunately a break down greater indignity following. certain first innings fico score including 477 is the top through process of a few element that has gone on to suffer an innings.

    every single five together with England’s defeats this amazing winter season possess worried on the one batting collapse, although a one got expressly puny, providing a layer what is the right indian rendered 759 7 the last day gotten les than deteriorated.

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