Tony O. Elumelu Motivate #entrepreneurship

Billionaire Motivation
Tony O. Elumelu

The #entrepreneurship journey is not a linear one, but at the end of the day when you plot it, you see an upward trend. #Africa #entrepreneur#Africapitalism #TOEWay #TGIF – Tony O. Elumelu

Getting advise is one way to move forward in life and to stay motivated and focus, especially when it’s coming from someone that’s successful and happy like Tony Elumelu. And like he said the journey is not a linear one so expect lots of ups and down and pot holes and hold up like the idea of a Nigeria road, but you don’t have to give up just as you still have to attend those parties and visit your loved ones even if the roads are bad, you still have to go to work even.

The road is never the excuse, so the ups and down and the failures and disappointment is not an excuse, you just have to keep moving, we just have to keep moving, to get to the promise land, to reach the goal.

So think the long term goals, so that the short term failures doesn’t hold you back.

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