Transgender, Stephanie Rose, mocks God over Muslims who died in Saudi Arabia


Stephanie-RoseNigerian born trans-gender and a vowed God-hater, Stephanie Rose, is not ready to come to terms with the maker and has once again called out to Him as being behind the death of hundreds of pilgrims in the now famous Mina, Saudi Arabia stampede when Muslim pilgrims gathered to carry out one of the tenets of Islam which is the symbolic stoning of the Devil.

Rose who was born Dapo Adaralegbe, before (s)he decided to go under the knife to become a woman, in her recent Facebook posts, says God is actually the Devil that the pilgrims went to stone in the Holy land and He ended up killing them.

Read what (s)he worte:

“The same God is the devil that they had gone to stone in Mecca. What else can you expect from the blood-thirsty Abrahamic God that delights in killing and destruction?

He stoned them back with death … They did not go to Heaven or Hell fire, their Souls are reincarnated after many years.

God worshippers are shit worshippers. The idiot called God that they worship is nothing but a sadistic wicked Angel of darkness, a cursed evil doer and satanic embodiment! GOD A UNIVERSAL IDIOT AND FAILED FOOL!

Yes … The Abrahamic God is the God and devil of this wicked World! Jesus Christ can not be found in this callous and indifferent God. I know the Abrahamic God so well … He has plotted many evil against me from inception instigating violence, instigating rejection, instigating humiliation, instigating hostilities amongst many other evil plotting.

The Abrahamic God instigated grave violence and bloodshed against me ( to destroy me ) as he had instigated violence and bloodshed on Sodom and Gomorrah. The Abrahamic God is very wicked and callous.

He functions as the devil to Mankind, plotting evil and destruction against those he does not like. A God of double standard, a God of partiality, a God of unjust and unfair standards. See …

In the Old testament before the mythological birth of Jesus Christ, people did not go to Heaven or Hell fire because there was no ‘born Saviour’ in the mythical image of Jesus Christ.

When people died, their Souls were reincarnated till today. Heaven and Hell were never highlighted in the Old testament because such places never existed! The mythological birth of Jesus brought about the mythology of Heaven and Hell.

It was only Jesus that spoke about Heaven and Hell fire in scriptures. Which means before Jesus, there was no Heaven or Hell fire because there was no salvation. Look at this very well, where do you really think those Old testament folks that existed before (Salvation) went to?

According to the mythical Jesus, they will not enter Heaven because they did not become born again. But in reality, all Souls were born again in the literal context in those days till now. People reincarnated in the Abrahamic times till now.

Heaven and Hell fire do not exist in reality. CHRISTAINITY IS A FRAUD and the Abrahamic God is a tyrant, a very wicked tyrant for that matter.”

This is just one in Rose’s line of tirade against God and His son, Jesus, as (s)he had gone on and one in the past about how God is an idiot, how she would slap Jesus, and so on.