Trapped at the Seaside with Tatts Lagos

Tatts Lagos

Over the weekend i was trapped at the seaside and i loved it, it was a beautiful feel at the grand opening of Tatts Lagos, good music and drinks and guest too, all the vibe you can want was there and you miss the groove, but better late than never you can visit there anytime now because it’s now open to the general public.

Located at the Vantage Beach Hotel and Resort, Block 1 Plot 3 Okunde Blue Water Tourism Scheme Oniru-Lekki Lagos is where Tatts Lagos is, the environment will make you want to spend the rest of your time there, the bamboo feel and the ambiance of the place will inspire good thought in you as you can’t help but connect with people of like minds, a beautiful place to be inspired.

Tatts Lagos

So at the lunch with the gehn gehn man, Alhaji Orezi came to have a feel of the spot, Sharon the girl with the vibe that’ll charm you with her guitar and her voice, the girl group with the Kalakuta vibe and the female dj that made the night a groovy one and Leighbo the artiste with the big mind. The show was supported by Best and Skyy Vodka.

Tatts LagosIn life you need to relax sometimes, to reset your mind and become fresh again with new ideas to better you and your craft, you need to feel free too and feel nature, cool breeze and good views and especially in Lagos you need to enjoy the feel of the sea to fine tune you with the thought of fun and not just survival, with the thought of really being alive and enjoying every of the natural environment, taking your mind away from the everyday life of this town, the horns and the holdup, like every busy town. So right now you have one more place to go relax your time away and it’s Tatts Lagos, really you’ll love been trapped at that seaside.

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