Trendy Trads


One of the thing i love about fashion is the art and how it can fit into any environment and culture, the ability for it to blend to the personality and the vibe of the continent and the culture of the people, fashion is one symbol of unity, it blends with all, with everybody and everything.

The African trends many didn’t see the light back then, it was all about the regular everyday style of our culture back then, the new innovations was not really welcome which made the styling same thing, but it’s changed now, our trends are back to life and we love how they make us feel.

The vibe is right and the joy and charm we now wear our trads with is something we enjoy, the pride and confidence it gives our ego is the reason we love to wear them every time. Now you walk on the street and you see lots of young people in trads unlike before, we’ve got our pride back.

Time changes, culture too experience shift too, some things fade away while somethings are introduced to it, new influences is reflecting on our style, the millennium took over our thought and we see things and do things differently ever since. The culture of our mind has change and we are now bold to try new things and take risk, damning the usual old tradition of classic look, it’s all about the style and the rebel confidence, our fashion has gone rouge and we love it.