Types of guys you must avoid at all costs


There are guys who you must always avoid at all costs in relationship.

1. Violent guys:

If you are with a violent guy, and your relationship is toxic, then you must leave.
These guys seem perfectly calm at first but later on, their true natures always show.
There are also the quietly violent types who appear unruffled on the outside. But get close to them and you’ll realize a whole world of violence.

2. The ladies man:

Dating is a sport to these types and ladies are the trophies.
Everything remains a bid to conquer.
For them, it is always unto the next lady.
Avoid them if they seem too vain.

3. The Fake:

Always lying, always on this trip or the other.
They would never answer questions straight and get easily intimidated when it appears you might be doing better than they are.
They always have a reason for every misunderstanding they might have.

Be careful ladies. These men are out there waiting for their chance with someone like you! Don’t be a victim.



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