Unmoved by recession in Nigeria,Tayo Sobola buys mum 5.7M Lexus Jeep


At the time when many Nigerians are crying woes due to the present economic meltdown in Nigeria, against all odds,  there are still people are really not affected by the recession.

Nollywood actress, Tayo Sobola aka Bella or Sotayo is rumored to have recently dazzled her mother with a brand new Lexus Jeep worth a whooping sum of 5.7 Million Naira, NigeriaFilms is reporting.

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This is alleged to be coming to the actress’  mother, who recently clocked 71, as a surprise birthday gift and her mother was said to have been very shocked upon seeing the unexpected gift.

The actress hardly talk about her mother nor frequently post pictures of her, but whenever she does, it’s not hard to understand the fact that she cherishes her so much.

And it’s no wonder why she has gifted such expensive gift to her in a way of showing how much she loves her. Mothers are really priceless, and only a few can really understand that.