Victoria Kimani announces debut album ‘Safari’


Talented songstress, Victoia Kimani, has announced the release of her first full studio album after several hit-and-miss singles.

Speaking to Elle South Africa, the singer revealed the title of her soon-to-be-released album as ‘Safari’, with a release date scheduled for the third quarter of the year.

‘My album is called Safari which is Swahili for a journey or to travel. Musically, ascetically, fashion wise and sound wise, they are all in sync with my life experiences through travel,’ she said.

‘I found myself on Safari. The project literally sums up my life.

‘This is my first album ever, and I’m so hyped about it.

I needed people to understand the type of artist I am, so I released several singles in several different regions that ended up being hits,’Vicky further disclosed.

Vicky also revealed her plans to have the album’s launch in three major countries in Africa – Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa – as she seeks to showcase the richness of the continent.

‘I will have three album launches in these three countries and possibly a few in between, because that is another way of legitimizing the soul of the record.

‘I have always been an advocate for us Africans to take advantage of our continent the way Americans or Europeans take advantage of their space and use it to thrive and become better brands and business people.’

Victoria Kimani has released singles such as ‘Two of Dem’, ‘Booty Bounce’, ‘All The Way’, ‘Walahi’, among others.