Wait for it! Mohit Reunion Tour; The Greatest Reunion of All Time

Mohit Reunion

Right now i’m feeling like a prophet, like i see into the future, i remember predicting this, the reunion of Mohit 4 years ago and when it seem like it was just an ordinary prediction Dbanj and Don Jazzy came through and right now, like Nostradamus i feel. This is the best news of the day, for fans and all the lover of good music.

Mohit is vibe, Mohit is life and them coming back to give us a run for our money, we say thank you guys, let’s party already, let’s take a long break from work and follow the tour around, the country or the world we are so down to have that feel of Mohit back, can almost not believe my eyes when i saw this.

@donjazzy Are They Ready ?

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They gave us hint of this during the Davido’s 30 Billion Concert in December and we wish the show will just last forever. Both D’Banj and Don Jazzy on their Instagram on Monday shared a video announcing the Mo’Hits Reunion Tour.

The exact dates or venues or musicians performing have not been stated, but we can’t help but be excited. So for all those that were not born then and for all those that only hear the gist of Mohit, guess what, you’re lucky to be experiencing this and for most of us that Booty Call almost put in trouble especially in class, i remember a guy’s phone was smashed in class because his phone rang during class and it was booty call that was his ring tone, this will be one of the greatest reunion ever in the history of Africa.

@iambangalee How many states/countries should we give them? ??

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