WATCH: Bisi Alimi blasts Bobrisky for supporting the Anti-Gay Law


Nigerian gay rights activists Bisi Alimi is highly upset about Bobrisky’s latest interview with TW Magazine’s Adesuwa Onyenokwe.

In the interview, the king of Snapchat and bleaching cream expert clarified once again that he is NOT gay, adding that he only cross-dresses to promote his business.

But Bobrisky, real name Idris Okuneye, didn’t stop there.

The controversial gender-bender also mentioned that he ‘loves the anti-gay law’ and was in absolute support of it.

Watch the interview below:

Moments ago, Bisi Alimi took to his Instagram page to express his anger over Bobrisky’s statement.

He slammed the Snapchat king, saying he would give him and his likes a crash course on decency, human dignity and respect.

He also stated that Bobrisky was putting other people’s life at risk just for attention.

Watch the video below:

A friend brought my attention to an interview @bobrisky222 granted Adesuwa. In the interview, he was asked if he is gay, he said no and with no prompting said he supports the anti same sex prohibition law 2013. Dear Bobrisky, I have a message for you. I will be very happy to educate you for free on how your bigoted, hateful comments are putting #LGBT people lives at risk. I will also like to let you know, how making money by making fun of what other people are dying from is no fucking joke. Yes, I will give you and your likes a crash course on decency, human dignity and respect as I can see you lack the fundamentals that makes someone a responsible human being. I will be here if you need me, have a nice day.

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