Watch Exclusive Interview with Lala Neriah Tshabalala “Plus Size is ME”

Plus Size Model
Lala Neriah Tshabalala

The joy of every-body is the confidence you have in it, the pride and how you enjoy the vibe of the body, though in this world especially in the fashion world, before now the world see just one kind of body as sexy or fashionable, but time is changing fast and the people don’t want to be lied to anymore, they don’t want to be brainwashed anymore to believe only one particular kind of body is fashionable or cool, the world has come to the understanding that all body is beautiful no matter the size.

And that’s what Lala stands for, “Plus Size is ME”. That’s she, she’s a body activist and she’s a plus size model. Chatting with her, I got to understand her world from a different point of view, her way of life and how fun she is, how she’s not a fan of spicy food but a fan of Nigeria Jollof rice, she came into the country all by herself during the Heineken Lagos Fashion Week, she was one of the plus size model that walked on the runway, her experience in Lagos during those few days was interesting and that’s what she was talking about in the interview, you can almost guess she’s a foodie like me, love the excitement in her every time we talk food. The African joyful vibe you’ll enjoy in her.

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