WATCH: What really happened to Oritsefemi at Quilox


According to source, musical Taliban, Oritsefemi, was severely beaten for allegedly assaulting and stabbing a club bouncer, on Friday night

According to eyewitnesses, the”Double wahala”crooner created a scene, at Quilox nightclub in Lagos, after he allegedly brutally stabbed one of the bouncers at the club.

Drama and fighting began when singer, Rocksteady, was prevented by a bouncer, from gaining access to a section of the club where Oritsefemi was seated.

Oritsefemi who felt insulted by the way his colleague was treated, reacted by giving the bouncer a slap .

This was allegedly followed up by stabbing according to eye witnesses who saw blood on the floor.

Other bouncers at club were said to have intervened by holding Oritsefemi hostage and beating him up, before he was finally released, after much pleading.

“He was beaten so badly that he sustained serious injuries, and was later arrested and taken to the hospital along with the bouncer he stabbed for treatment”, a source said.

“Trouble reportedly started when singer, Rock Steady, was prevented by a bouncer, from gaining access to a section of the club where Oritsefemi was seated. Oritsefemi was said to have been pissed by the way his colleague was treated and reacted by giving the bouncer a slap.”

From  video posted on social media, voices could be heard saying,”Make una kill am! Make una Kill am!”While the the singer’s, kept crying,“Leave me alone, leave me alone!”as the mob manhandled him”.

Watch video below :

Meanwhile, his management, MSN Gang, has released a statement, revealing their artiste’s side of the story.
According to the MSN Gang, Oritsefemi, was merely trying to put a word in for his colleagues who were barred from accessing the VIP section of the club when things went south and the singer was left badly bruised.

Read his management’s full statement below…

“On Friday 11th 2016, at exactly 2am at Quilox Night Club. Oriste Femi was attacked by a bouncer just because he was trying to stand for an older Colleague and a friend.

“The Double wahala & Ongba Larami singer was at Quilox on Friday trying to ease off stress with his friends at the VIP corner of the said club when he noticed a senior colleague and a brother Sound sultan and Rock Steady were been bounced from entering the VIP section of the club.

“Oristefemi who was not happy with the bouncers behavior stood up to ask the bouncer why he was putting up such attitude to An A list Artiste and a brother, the bouncer replied that An order was placed Down by Shina Peller the CEO of the club that no A list Artist should be allowed into the VIP section, claiming the A list Artiste were not his costumers and they have no value at his Club Just because of his rift with Davido [Does that make any sense at all] After which.

“The bouncer told him to keep to his section or go join his colleague at the regular section, Femi who we all know to be a very humble and calm person accept the offer to join his colleague at the regular section but was pushed back by the bouncer, Before he could say Jack the other Bouncer was already rough Handling him.

“Oristefemi who was holding a cup of wine had to defend himself by slapping the bouncer with the wine cup which gave the bouncer a scar on the face.

“Without waiting for Explanation the other Bouncers in the club came in and attack Oristefemi and in d process of the attack Oriste femi’s 8.5million Naira worth of jewelry was stolen by the club bouncers, before the crowd will stand up to protest against the club bouncers attitude Oristefemi was already injured,Even with the injury he was held down by the bouncer s and the management of the club claiming they were waiting for the arrival of Police.’