Watch: Trick Daddy disses Meek Mill in angry


After beefing with Drake, Nicki Minaj, The Game, Wale, and Beanie Sigel, Meek Mill has another feud on his hands. This time, he’s at odds with Trick Daddy.

Over the weekend, the Miami veteran issued a series of stern warnings aimed at Mill over comments that he made in a recent interview.

“Miami ni**as are not followers, not mini-mes, and me-toos,” he said. “We trendsetters. We cocaine-sellin’-machine-gun-rootin’-tootin’-shootin’-fool-ass-ni**as. Don’t use my city or my ni**as for character references. I will not accept it, ni**a. I will get out of character, ni**a. Do not fuck with me, ni**a.”

Trick went on to reference Mill’s ill-fated relationship with Nicki Minaj before banning him from Miami. “Ever since you lost your girl, you’ve been trippin’, ni**a,” he said. “You better watch your mother-fuckin’ mouth. As a matter of fact, your visa has expired, ni**a…You owe me and my city an apology. I’ll be waiting, bitch-ass ni**a.”

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Many believe that Trick’s comments were rooted in a recent Hot 97 interview, in which Meek talked about Miami and his influence. “When you see people rolling their skullies up,” he said, “when you see people with the diamond chains, everybody’s wearing Cuban links, when you see people in Miami on the yachts now on Instagram — that come from the influencer, Meek Mill, the Dreamchasers, because they believe us.”

Meek may not be abiding by Trick Daddy’s ban. On Sunday, he reportedly held a “celebration” in support of his latest album Wins & Losses at a Miami nightclub. “TONIGHT MIAMI COME ROCK WIT YA BOY,” he wrote on Instagram. “ITS A CELEBRATION … WE BRINGING THE ENERGY LETS HAVE A BALL!”

Trick Daddy is currently readying his joint album with Trina, TNT. The first single, “Smooth Sailing” featuring Ali Coyote, drops July 28.


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