”Watching horror movies turn me on” Ghanaian actress,Nikki Samonas reveals.

Nikki Samonas

Beautiful Ghanaian actress, Nikki Samonas has revealed she has a strange sexual appeal of getting aroused when watching horror movies.

Nikki has shared her one of bedroom secrets with the world. According to the Ghanaian actress, watching horror movies turns her on.

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Nikki was speaking to Abeiku Santana in a lengthy conversation for UTV’s ‘Atuu’ show. Explaining why horror movies make her horny, Nikki said that the fear and anxiety such movies bring, often see her trying to cuddle whoever is with her when watching the movie, and that turns her on.

The Ghanaian actress of Greece descent, Nikki Samonas has revealed during an interview with UTV that she can never attempt to date a poor man talk less of marrying one.