Wells Hosa Showcases The First Nigerian Commercial Indigenous Multi-million Dollar Greenhouse Farm In Edo State

L-R Archbishop of the Church of God Mission Intl,margaret Idahosa,Chiarman,wells Hosa greenHouse Farms ltd,Capt Idahosa Okunbor (retd),Edo state Deputy Governor,mr Philip Shaibu, and Crown prince of Benin Kingdom,Prince Ezelekhae Ewuare,at the first harvest of the company in Benin on Thursday.

Meeting the food needs of people using Hydroponic farming systems.

Edo State, Nigeria. September 6, 2017 History was made by the showcasing of a multimillion-dollar Hydroponic farm designed to create in excess of 2500 jobs in Edo state. The visionary behind the project Captain Hosa Okunbo who explained previously that the farm will create 500 direct jobs and over 2000 indirect jobs in his economic and social contribution to Edo state and Nigeria as a whole has fulfilled his lifetime dream to make agricultural history by using Hydroponic technology to grow crops on his just opened multi-million dollar farm in Edo state.

Hydroponic technology which is also known as Hydroculture globally is the method of growing plants without depending on soil mainly but by using mineral nutrients solutions in a water solvent. The 27-hectare high tech hydroponic farm which is located at Odighi and Odiguetue in Ovia Northeast Local Government Area of Edo state will produce across the basket of crops using this technology for local consumption and for export.

Wells Hosa have a foreign Technical and Financial partnership in place to complement the federal government object for agriculture as an alternative to export proceeds and economic sustainability and for job creation. The farm will produce both cash crops and arable crops as well as livestock’s, including cattle, poultry and piggery, all targeted at export and meeting local protein and milk requirement.

The greenhouse farm is the first of its kind in West Africa and the biggest, designed with Hydroponic Technology and covering over 27 Hectares of land mass with a potential development of 28 Hydroponic Greenhouses of 5,440 SQM each with an estimated tomato production capacity of 4,200 Tons per year.

NIGERIA AND AGRICULTURE Nigeria is a country with over 200 million people to feed, this immediately leads to a great potential for the development of modern agriculture. As a nation, we are blessed with the good quality of water resources, manageable soils and diverse climates. On the other hand, we also have the infrastructure of air and sea communication to facilitate exports. The challenge lies in our ability as a nation to take advantage of our enormous natural resources in a sustainable way.

Today, modern agriculture is immersed in an economic process of globalization that cannot be ignored. Therefore, it is necessary for us as a country to adopt new technologies that allow us to increase productivity, obtain better quality products and therefore seek self-sufficiency and access international markets with better prices.

We are convinced that this cycle of sustainability by protecting the potential of agriculture, as a sustainable player, represents an alternative to implement high- tech projects and boost not only agricultural exports, but also to start a new way of developing agricultural activities.

For more details on how to work with Wells Hoxa Limited, we are located at Odighi and Odiguetue in Ovia Northeast Local Government Area of Edo state.

For more details please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Mob9kDHQ24


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