Why I don’t wear panties – Ghanaian actress reveals


Hugely endowed Ghanaian actress, Safina Haroun, has revealed she doesn’t feel comfortable wearing panties and, therefore, go around without one.

The actress, who last week claimed to be a virgin, during an interview. She said,

“People say I have big boobs and butt but I don’t see it that way and moreover I feel very uncomfortable when I wear panties so I avoid it.

Even when I am going on set, I don’t wear it. As for brassieres, I wear it when I am going for an important occasion but when I am home, I don’t wear it.”

The actress also said that she does not take note of negative criticisms, explaining that “If you care about what people say, you will not live life to the fullest”.

The actress also stated that people will always have something to say about how she lives her life but she is unperturbed about criticisms she comes her way.

“I live my life the way I want it and everyone has the right to live his or her life in a way that pleases them.

I don’t care about what people really say, I want to feel good about myself. If you care about what people say, you will not live life to the fullest”, she added.


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